Bots, short for robots of course, are software tools that carry out repetitive tasks. They are efficient devices that perform repetitive and monotonous tasks that humans would rather not do. However, just like any tool they can be used in both good ways and bad depending on how they are programmed. One of the bad ways they are used for are for ransomware attacks.

In today’s world, more than half of the traffic generated on the web are from bots. These amazing tools can do jobs such as customer service support, research content and even for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The latest news has flooded us with AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbots who are becoming an amazing help for businesses.

Sadly, however, these bots are also used by hackers for their devious schemes. Bot malwares are also becoming more serious and worrying. This security risk warrants immediate attention and action, so they don’t get to wreak havoc in your business.

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware Attacks

Malware bots and your personal and business profile

Among the most worrying features of malware is its ability to gather user profiles. This means they take all data related to your or your business’ identity. This also includes those of your devices or network settings. Because of these, cybersecurity criminals can override other security measures such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Normally, even with the threat actors getting hold of your login credentials (username and passwords) they cannot access it if you are using MFA. However, since malware bots have gotten hold of the entire profile, they are now about to spoof the system or turn off MFA completely. This is by using cookies and other device settings and data made available to them by these web spiders.

Once your information is stolen, they can do whatever they want with it. This may include stealing from you financially, selling your data, scams, DDoS, ransomware attacks, among others. The worst part of this is that it does not need a very sophisticated level of hacking to gather your information from malware bots.

As such, over 5 million people have had their username and password stolen since 2018. This includes over 26.6 million login credentials. This provided threat actors with access to accounts on various platforms like Microsoft, Google, Instagram and Facebook. 

Secure your accounts against ransomware attacks now

Given all the mischief these bots can create; it is best to ensure that you are protected. Malware bots can easily get to your system. They can disguise themselves like regular programs or even pop-up like software updates on your computer. Therefore, your first line of defense is your knowledge and staff training. Always be wary about clicking into pop-ups and advertisements that you come across. Mindfulness in your online activities can do wonders for your security.

Here are some other tips from cybersecurity experts to ensure your personal and business information’s security.  

  • Make sure your antivirus software is updated and is turned on at all times 
  • Make use of Multi-Factor Authentication so that your login credentials are safer 
  • Encrypt as much data as you can so that even if it gets stolen, information cannot be accessed 

We help businesses become safer against threats found online such as malware bots. As business owners, we know that these security issues keep you up at night. Talk to us today and let us help you ensure that your company data is protected.

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