Microsoft Edge has more features than meets the eye. While it may not be as groundbreaking as AI or robotics, it gets you and your staff to do your tasks quicker and smarter. Your reliable professionals from a managed IT support company know that every little step counts when it comes to business. Therefore, every asset must be maximized to their full potential.

And yes, your web browser is also a company asset. While it allows you to access the internet, there is so much more that you can do with it. It is loaded with features that, when used properly, can make your work-life easier, especially for Microsoft Edge in Windows 11. So, what are these tools that can help you improve your productivity?  

These are five features your managed IT support provider recommends: 

Managed IT Support

Managed IT Support

1. Multitask with Split Screen feature

Admittedly, multitasking is the only way to get things done these days. As business owners or executives, this is one of the skills that should be honed. The split screen feature of your Microsoft Edge is exactly the tool you need for that. It allows you to check on two or more pages side-by-side at the same time without the clutter. You can monitor your team’s performance while checking on store inventory, for example. Or maybe, comparing stock prices while doing some market research. This is also used by your IT experts from managed IT support providers and we want you to also maximize its potential. 

2. Vertical Tabs

This may take some getting used to. But most often than not, once you’ve switched you are not going back. We know you need to have all those tabs to get things done. Stack vertically and you get a new way to manage them. This way, you can navigate through them easier. Similarly, your managed IT support endorses this as it allows easier access to controls such as close and mute which are essential to your work. 

3. Workspaces is great for collaboration; managed IT support approved

Microsoft Edge’s Workspaces make it easier for everyone to work together. Your staff can easily collaborate and share ideas and exchange information for faster turnaround time. You can also connect with your service providers or clients using Workspaces. This tool performs perfectly for team brainstorming, project management as well as team demonstration.  

4. Organize your research with Collections

Yes, there is a Microsoft Edge feature called “Collections”. If it’s your first-time hearing about it, don’t worry, you are not alone. Collections make it convenient for you to organize information you gather from the web. This can be images, videos, short clips, memes or even texts. You can customize the collection and label them for easier identification. It allows you to keep everything in place and accessible.  

5. Read in peace with Immersive Reader 

Have you ever tried reading through a web article only to find yourself several tabs and pages away from it after a few minutes? Yes, this is all too real and common too! Which is why Immersive Reader is such a great feature that your managed IT support urges you to try. This feature removes clutter such as ads, links and other potential interruptions that keeps you from finishing what you are reading. You can also custom fit your reading experience by adjusting text size, color and size. There is also an option for a read aloud for hands-free content reading.   

Your Managed IT Support Company Can Help You Switch! 

 Happy to try on these features but you are not sure where to start? No worries, we got you! Your trusted professionals from your managed IT support company can assist you to switch to Microsoft Edge on Windows 11. Schedule your consultation today so we can get things started. There are a lot of features and functions you can explore with us. 

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