IT Services for the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis industry booms, and if you want your SMB to keep up with competition you need to adopt the most efficient IT services out there. Professional technology support will help you overcome operational challenges and maintain compliance with state and federal regulations. Remember that the laws governing the sale and consumption of marijuana vary from state to state, and may change in the future.

EB Solution can help you stay compliant at all times. We keep an eye out for changing laws and quickly update your systems according to the law. We also keep your IT systems running optimally while minimizing risk of downtime. Our goal is to take your mind of the IT challenges so you can focus more on perfecting other aspects of your business.

IT Services Cannabis Industry New York

Cannabis Industry IT Services

These are some of the IT Services EB Solution offers for the cannabis industry:

Creating wireless networks

EB Solution has 10+ years of experience in creating reliable wireless networks for for vast spectrum of businesses. So you can be sure that we know what to do to get productivity and efficiency of your business to the next level. We design, configure, monitor, and maintain your wireless networks to ensure that they are secure and perform optimally.

You don’t need to build your network from the scratch, we can work with your existing infrastructure to minimize your expenses. You can trust us to get your IT systems up and running within the shortest time possible.

Data security and backup

No matter how big or small, cybercriminals are keen to break into your IT systems. You’ve probably heard of ransomware attacks, making companies pay hefty ransoms or lose all their data. Another common problem is hardware and software failures resulting from natural disasters and human errors. EB Solution considers data security and proactive backups as an integral aspect of your cannabis business security.

We provide reliable and affordable cloud-based backup solution. Data kept in a cloud is far more secure than data stored on your in-house systems. Also it can be accessed from anywhere in the world and is easier to retrieve if something happens.

Seed-to-sale software

One of the main IT services that cannabis industry needs is seed-to-sale software support. We can help you implement this software to enhance and simplify your business processes. Seed-to-sale software allows you for easier and more efficient sales of cannabis. Our experienced technicians ensure that your software and hardware is up to date and functioning at its peak.

Point of sale systems

We can also help to select and configure your point of sale(POS) systems, reducing overhead costs, enhancing accuracy, and improving reporting. POS systems are must if you want to capture important data and keep track of your stock movement.

Our professionals monitor your systems round-the-clock to identify any potential issues and fix them before they affect your business. You can always trust us for efficient and reliable services.

Vendor liaison

IT hardware and software can be very expensive, so it is always nice when you can get maximum value for your money. To achieve that, we will act as your vendor liaison to make sure that you get exactly what you pay for. Feel free to consult us whenever you have any questions about your IT infrastructure and how it can be upgraded.

Video surveillance systems

According to regulations your business has to have a video surveillance. We can help with that too! We install video surveillance systems in all the necessary areas on your premises and cannabis farms. These systems provide a live feed of the day-to-day operations, improving your security, helping you keep track of inventory, and ensuring your regulatory compliance.

EB Solution: IT Services For The Cannabis Industry

Looking for reliable IT service provider for the your cannabis business? EB Solution is your best bet for professional, affordable, and reliable IT services. Schedule a quick 10-15 minute call to discuss how we can improve your business’ performance.

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