Hear what our clients have to say about the IT services they received from EB Solution.

“We work with EB Solution through a ticketing system, which provides an easy and straightforward way to address issues as they arise. Their engineers execute the tickets with speed and precision. We also call them whenever we have questions. Their team works towards making any process as simple as possible for us.”
John Albert
“EB Solution has done enough work in their space so they have invaluable experience. They are very honest and do not overcharge or oversell. They were able to keep my business system current and updated while keeping it cost-efficient.”
Thomas E. Stone
“The thing that sold me on EB Solution is how quickly they understood our requirements and challenges. I have worked with IT service providers who focus too much on what they do, without understanding how their services fit into our business and vision. The cherry on top, they offer fair pricing for their suggestions.”
Samira Abdelrazik
“EB Solution has a very knowledgeable team, who knows what they are talking about. They did not sell us on any big promises instead they deliver what we need exactly when we need it. My business doesn’t demand the latest or hottest technology. We just need everything to work perfectly all the time, and EB Solution is able to deliver.”
Jeff Wagner
“Compared to the larger IT service providers we have worked with, EB Solution is able to respond much quicker. Their team is happy to teach and is extremely patient with explaining the process along the way. Since working with them we have experienced less downtime and issues with our systems.”
Eva Lily
“We chose EB Solution because they were different from our previous IT service provider. Because of their size, I can talk to the same person most of the time. I find it extremely helpful to work with someone with whom I have developed a relationship and who knows the issues we have had in the past. This is also the reason they can address our problems so quickly.”
Ted Smith
“EB Solution is not only knowledgeable but more importantly, they were able to adapt to our budget. I like to work with people that I can put a face to and Johny, the owner, presented himself well. During our set-up, Johny was very proactive and pointed out underlying issues we have not even thought about.”
Emma Smith
“After we partnered with EB solution, they were on top of our needs and requests. EB solution is taking care of all our cybersecurity, VoIP services, and all the business continuity needs for our company in Vaughan. Thank you for the hard work. Keep up the good work team.”
Leon Karchun
“Great service, very professional with prompt response to all our IT needs.”
Roey Gutman
“This is a very awesome company. I love your services.”
Brian Mbuguah
“This is the best IT company that I have ever come across, you have great services.”
terry anita
“EB Solution has prepared my business. Now I can meet my customer's demands. Thanks!
Justin Tito

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