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Cybercrime has been on the rise and it’s only expected to rise further, making lots of businesses concerned that they could be the next victim. What surprised cybersecurity analysts as well as everyone else is that criminals are targeting any business or organization, regardless of size, industry, stature, or owner. As the popularity of many technology-driven services continues to grow, it has become more important than ever for all businesses to adopt cybersecurity measures that can help prevent a data breach or avoid any major cybersecurity issues.

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How EB Solution Helps Keep Your Data Safe

Nobody wants to lose their data, especially if they need it to run their business. It can not only temporarily disrupt your business but severely maim it causing it to collapse eventually. At the same time, there is a huge illegal cybercriminal economy fuelled by extortion, corporate espionage, and sale of private information.

Working with a managed IT solutions provider like EB Solution can help protect your data. By doing our job, we can ensure that the right security measures are in place to prevent potential risks. Here are some ways EB Solution can help secure your data:

1. Advanced threat protection features (tools, methods)

At EB Solution, we use advanced threat protection and detection features (tools, methods) to protect your data and prevent it from being stolen by cybercriminals. You can be sure, that cybercriminals are only getting smarter, and are using any means necessary to break into IT systems. The recent HAFNIUM attacks on Microsoft Exchange Email servers are a clear testimony that crooks will stop at nothing to gain entry into data systems to steal confidential information.

At EB Solution, we use a range of Advanced Security Measures. One of many is Next-Gen Firewalls which provide real-time protection against emerging malware and other threats. We also deploy intelligent and automated threat protection features at all network edges, protecting sensitive data and IT infrastructure of your company.

2. Secure access and data leak prevention

Rather than sitting idly and waiting for online thugs to crash into your IT systems, we identify potential loopholes and close them before they can be exploited. One such loophole is compromised account credentials that occur when you provide users with inappropriate levels of access. For example, if some employee doesn’t use multi-factor authentication, crooks could take advantage of them by breaking into your IT systems with stolen login and password.

EB Solution leaves nothing to chance. We ensure that every access point is secured, utilizing all the knowledge and tools we have in our arsenal to detect and prevent unauthorized entry.

3. Keeping an eye on the dark web

In the unfortunate event that cybercriminals already stole your sensitive information, such as the login details, passwords, or banking credentials, we know where to look for them. We monitor the dark web constantly. With the help of our innovative Dark Web ID Credential Monitoring software, we can track compromised credentials in real-time, searching across the dark web.

Dark Web ID Credential Monitoring software will notify us if it detects the presence of stolen data. We then immediately react by securing passwords, changing users’ login information, and making affected accounts unavailable to criminals. In case changing details is impossible we deactivate or block them altogether. This effectively stops the thugs from selling the information or using it themselves.

4. Creating security awareness through phishing simulation

Hiring a cybersecurity service provider is a great step towards securing your company’s IT systems, but it won’t save you from a well-crafted “social-engineering“ attack if your employees are clueless about it. They may not know what phishing looks like and what to do if they noticed a suspicious email. EB Solution uses phishing simulation and other security awareness training methods to help you educate your employees and protect your business on all fronts.

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“We work with EB Solution through a ticketing system, which provides an easy and straightforward way to address issues as they arise. Their engineers execute the tickets with speed and precision. We also call them whenever we have questions. Their team works towards making any process as simple as possible for us”

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Cybersecurity Services & Management By EB Solution

The threat of cybercrime is growing daily and it’s important to keep your IT systems secure. We offer cybersecurity solutions for SMBs with a customized package that’s tailored to your needs. You can schedule a quick 10-15-minute chat call to get a better idea of how we work and what we can do for you.

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