Efficient IT Services for the Retail Sector

EB Solution helps retailers match their client’s expectations with top-notch IT solutions. Since 2011, our IT consultants have deployed custom IT services for the retail sector, enabling clients to boost their competitive advantage.

Whether you’re looking to use efficient ERP systems to optimize retail operations or just manage sales and marketing better, our retail IT solutions offer everything you need to grow your revenue. You can count on us to create engaging e-commerce experiences that will deliver on client expectations as well as boost your teams’ productivity. Here’s how EB Solution improves your retails operations.

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EB Solution: IT Services For The Retail Industry

Managed IT Solutions

EB Solution delivers 24/7 support to retail your business, onsite and remote. We provide proactive monitoring solutions to predict, identify, and resolve IT issues before they get out of hand. Our help desk engineers can remotely diagnose your issues and help you take corrective actions to restore system operations with ease. We’ll align our approach with your operational objectives and capabilities, delivering customized tech solutions.

Data Backup and Security

Our security experts work round-the-clock to address growing requirements of your business. We implement proactive data backups that secure business-critical information by creating data redundancy. EB Solution is your best bet for maintaining PCI DSS-compliant card processing as well as guarantee continuous uptime for your IT systems. We also deliver efficient data security solutions that protect your systems from cyberattacks, from simple phishing emails to advanced ransomware attacks. Our security solutions also provide role-based access to your data assets. Thus, making sure that only employees authorized to see some data will see it and no one else.

Telephone Solutions

At EB Solution, we understand that modern retail business demands have sky-rocketed. We deliver enterprise-grade VoIP phone systems that connect your business seamlessly. We provide call statistics and reports that offer you an insight into your communication’s efficiency. Leverage our robust communication solutions to connect all your branch stores from any device and from any location with stable internet connection.

Network Security and Overall Cybersecurity

We understand that your retail business requires secure Wi-Fi systems for your employees as well as a guest wifi networks. Our team can implement secure networks that keep out rogue cybercriminals. Let us help you secure business-critical data. Our solutions also ensure that you maintain all the compliance requirements. We deploy a multi-pronged security approach that separates your POS machines from the corporate servers.

Advanced Analytics

Retail businesses often rely on complicated analytics to take real-time actions based on insights and stats. We offer your business an advanced analytics tools that support you in revealing existing and future problems, including multi-faceted analytics and predictive models. We’ll ensure that you amplify your analytics without any downsides to your essential business functions.

Customized IT Solutions

We deliver redundant connectivity the enables credit card processing, POS systems, and branch-to-branch connectivity. Our customer-centric IT approach has made us a trusted IT provider for retail chains as well as online stores all over Canada and US. Once our expert team understands your business’ needs and wants, we’ll deliver tailored solutions and further recommendations that streamline your operations.

Expert IT Services For The Retail Marketplace

Partner with us for reliable IT expertise and management to fast-track your IT upgrades or fixes. Our project managers will guide you all the way from the initial contact to scheduling, preparation, and implementation. EB Solution is your one-stop shop for reliable IT services for the retail sector across New York, Denver, Orlando and Las Vegas. Schedule a quick 10-15-minute call with our retail IT experts to find out how we can boost your competitive advantage.

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