IT Services for Accounting Firms

Traditionally, accountants had to maintain paper records for their clients, without computers or calculators. However, with the latest technology, CPAs and accounting firms have a much lighter workload, they work faster, and are more accurate. But, as with any other technology, without proper maintenance and care IT systems will break down. EB Solution offers IT services and support for accounting firms, so you do not have to concentrate on maintaining and upgrading your IT systems. Leave your IT challenges to us, so you can focus more on your clients.

IT Services Accounting Firms New York

EB Solution IT Services for Accounting Firms

With the proper technology working at it’s best, your firm can get more work done and with fewer mistakes. We provide the following IT services to accounting firms to help them become more efficient and reduce their IT costs:

Network and Hardware Support

With EB Solution, your accounting firm can enjoy using the latest technology, without worrying about slow and unresponsive computers, poorly configured software, outdated hardware, and other issues that plague modern IT infrastructure.

If your company has a small IT department that struggles to keep up, we can act as an extension of your team by adding personnel and plugging skill gaps. We offer several service levels, making it easy to scale up or down according to your needs and budget.

Software Support

Our experts can help your firm to set up and manage its accounting software solutions. Some of the systems we support are FreshBooks, Zoho Books, Sage, Quickbooks, Waveapps, SlickPie, Xero and Quicken. We also provide hosting for the cloud versions of said software, making them easy to access anywhere via the internet. With our software support, your firm can enjoy the following:

  • Quick and simple data entry
  • Comprehensive financial reporting in real-time for faster decision making
  • Automated processes resulting in fewer manual errors
  • Faster cash disbursements and approval of invoices
  • Lower staffing costs

Data Security Services

Keeping your clients’ data confidential and secure is a vital part of your job, since the financial industry has no tolerance for risk. The use of data management systems and cloud-computing becomes more and more popular in accounting industry because it significantly improves efficiency of your operations and lower staffing costs. Unfortunately the more you implement IT systems in your processes the more you open the door to the possibility of cyberattacks. EB Solution provides comprehensive data security solution that includes anti-virus, email and web scanning, as well as advanced firewalls to keep cybercriminals at bay.

Our data security experts understand the strict requirements, regulations, and industry standards all accountants and CPAs must adhere to. That’s why our security solutions fit the requirements perfectly, providing maximum protection from cyberattacks.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing continues to change how business is being done, and accounting industry is not an exception. If you want to compete you need to find ways to exploit new IT technology properly. EB Solution experts will help you explore advantages you can gain from using various internet-based technologies like: collocated virtualized environments, VoIP communications, and secure file sharing.

Cloud-accounting allows your firm to be more flexible, since you can easily and securely access your data from any location or device with an internet connection.

Some of our cloud IT services for accounting firms are:

  • Voice over IP telephony (VoIP)
  • Remote desktop control
  • Virtual desktops
  • Productivity software
  • Hosted email
  • Secure file sharing
  • Hosted accounting applications

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