Browser Extension Might Lead to Installing Malware Without Realizing It  

Browser extensions, also known as plug-ins, are known to help users with their daily tasks. This includes things like spelling and grammar checks, preparing a calling or email list, notes, etc. The goal was being able to increase productivity in the least amount of time with a personalized system.  However, there are hidden dangers that you must watch out for, IT management services Toronto-based professionals warn.

Unfortunately, however, there are plug-ins that are aimed at doing more than that. And not in a safe way, either. These malicious browser extensions are infected with malicious codes. Once installed these are activated to do a myriad of things that endanger your privacy and network security.

The more alarming part of this is that most people do not even realize that they are under attack until it is too late. Most often than not, the users are the one who installed these malicious browser extensions unknowingly. This is because they usually come from seemingly innocent advertisements or even apps that you need to perform your daily tasks.

IT Management Services Toronto

IT Management Services Toronto

Kinds of Malware that you should be wary of

According to IT Management Services Toronto-Based Company

One of the most common additions to your browser extensions is malicious codes that bring about unwanted advertisement. This is often referred to as adware a.k.a. malvertisements as it is meant to bombard you with advertisements you don’t want or need. This is not only annoying but can also decrease productivity since it disrupts your workflow and thought line as it pops up all the time. Not to mention the need to close them down every time.

These infected browser extensions can also affect your data privacy and security. This is done by changing your search engine and redirects you to affiliate pages during online shopping. Therefore, bringing in much money to the cybersecurity criminals responsible for creating the malware extensions.  

It gets darker from there. This malware that has infected your computer can continue to run in the background. They can wear out your device that leads to it breaking down earlier than they should. Aside from this, as they run, they also collect information from the computer or data that passes through it. This includes log in credentials as well as payment information. Worse, is that it can also get through to your entire network, using your device as a port of entry. 

You can keep them away, IT Management Services Toronto-Based Experts

The first line of defense against these malicious browser extensions is the user. Make sure to download only from reliable and trusted sources. You should also avoid clicking on advertisements and pop-ups that come with any downloaded apps. If you really must click on pop-ups, make sure you read and understand these pop-up notifications. Read reviews and ratings of browsers extensions and be extra cautious about those with grand and perfect reviews. If they seem too good to be true, chances are you are in danger with them.
As a business owner, you might also want to have control over the extensions that your staff are installing in the devices they use for work. This is particularly important for those who are connected to your network. You can get help from your IT professionals about this.

This is something we do for our clients regularly. If you want the same level of protection, we can schedule a consultation for you and your team ASAP!

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