These are the Three Basic Cybersecurity Tools for Your Business

One of your company’s most important assets is data. This includes customer information, the system of operation as well as financial information, among others. That is why keeping it safe should be an utmost priority. If you invest in physical security in your offices and store like an alarm system or even hiring a security guard, shouldn’t you also invest in cyber security? Afterall, your computer network carries a lot more information about your business than you may even realize. Having password management system is good but may not meet the minimum requirements for security.

We do understand that with all the security solutions offered in the market, it is easy for any business owner to get overwhelmed. After all, not everyone is tech savvy. Whereas some might even claim tech illiteracy. No worries, we can help you get into the cybersecurity and resiliency game.

Let us start with the essentials, and yes, password management is one of them!

Starting off with the basics can already increase your level of protection from cyber criminals significantly. Eventually, depending on your business needs, you can expand from these essentials for more comprehensive coverage. These are: 

  1. Firewall 
  2. Passwords management; and  
  3. Virtual Private Network or VPN


Password Management

Password Management


Physical firewalls are used in homes to protect fire from spreading to your property in case your neighbor’s house catches fire. At the very least, it prevents the quick spread of the fire until help arrives. In computers, firewalls have the same purpose. They serve as a barrier between your private network and the public connections. It sifts through the incoming data (also known as traffic) and checks whether they are safe and trustworthy. Data that is unsafe and malicious is either blocked or sent an alert to you to decide on what you want to do with them. 

Password Management

A Password manager does two things for you. First, they create random passwords for everyone in your network. These passwords are system generated and use different characters that are impossible to predict. It keeps you and your staff from using generic and easy-to-hack passwords such as admin1 or 0000. Second, because passwords are random and therefore difficult to remember, password managers save them for you. As such, there would be no need to “write them down” or spend precious time trying to remember your passwords across multiple apps and devices. Some password management systems can even synchronize devices to be able to access apps and networks in different devices with the same level of password security.

Virtual Private Network or VPN

A VPN protects your business from curious, albeit dangerous onlookers who may try and get into your network system. It does this by masking or hiding your IP address. It is a vital tool in today’s work system which adapts remote and hybrid set-up. This is because your remote employees can safely access your business network, regardless of their location.

Because your device and location details are hidden, you can browse in private and download details without worry. Even when using a public network (like cafe’s, malls or hotels) for you or your staff who work on the go, logging into a VPN ensures that no one outside your business can check your activities.

We do password management and more for our clients every day

We can set your business up with these basics, so you don’t have to stress about them. In fact, we can throw in a couple more layers of protection while we are at it such as MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication. And we promise we will not bombard you with “tech talk”. We will give detailed yet easy explanations.

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