Smart homes have come from being a dream home to Millennial Sci-Fi geeks to becoming mainstream. This is largely because more home appliances and gadgets are produced with ease and accessibility as the main features that define them as “smart”.  On top of this, there are now more options for homeowners for applications and home systems supporting these devices. This thereby decreases prices and increases obtainability. Similarly, there are now reliable professionals from managed IT support company that can assist with setting up. While the general population has yet to access flying cards and ridable drones, we can now have the kind of lifestyle we only used to see in shows like The Jetsons and Back to the Future.

Despite the advancement in technologies in our homes and even offices, old issues still come up alongside them. This includes issues such as poor internet connectivity, power running out, apps issues, among others. Similarly, the threat of cyber criminals getting past the smart security system is still as worrying and dangerous as it was since the start of home automation.

Good news is, managed IT support company shares ways for you to troubleshoot these issues at home. Below are the simple steps you can take whenever you encounter these common glitches in your smart homes and offices.

Managed IT Support Company

Managed IT Support Company

1. Connection Issues?
Here is what this Managed IT Support Company Suggests

Smart devices are lauded for being wireless and accessible. This is mainly because they work with the home’s Wi-Fi connection. These devices perform their best when integrated via a smart home hub. However, the most common issue met is the inability of the devices to connect to your home Wi-Fi.

Should you encounter this, the first thing that the managed IT support company would suggest is to restart everything. Yes, everything! This includes your router, devices and smart hub. Usually, this fixes most issues. If not, you can try repositioning your router. Place it in the center of all your devices. This allows for all your devices to receive good signal strength. In larger houses, you may need to use a booster or repeater. This is for all your smart devices to get a strong signal, regardless of their location.  

2. Unresponsive Device?
Here are Tips that
Managed IT Support Company Recommends

For devices that are voice-activated, another issue that always comes up is being unresponsive. These smart devices have a “wake word” that signals them to start working. Unfortunately, there are instances where they simply don’t work, no matter how loud the command is.

In cases like this, turning the devices off and then turning them back on fixes most issues. This is what you call restarting the power cycle. You might also want to ensure that your devices have the latest software versions. Updates in software usually get rid of identified bugs in the system, resulting in a device that works better.

3. Low or Drained Power?
There are simple Fixes from
Managed IT Support Company

 A good number of smart devices for smart homes get their power from batteries. This takes away the need to be plugged in a socket that may limit their function. The downside to this, however, is that once, the battery dies, so would your device. As such, you should make sure to invest in a very good quality battery that is durable and with a big power capacity. You can also check your device setting for options that are power savers. This may include automatic shut-off when not in use or decrease in unnecessary features like notification sounds or lighting. Check also for functions that you do not use and disable or turn them off. 

4. Incompatible with Existing System?
Don’t Worry, Experts from an
IT Support Company has Got Your Back

Not all devices work universally. Most often, it would have certain requirements that need to be met to fully function. Ensure that it works with your other devices and your smart home hub. Check these details before purchasing so as not to waste money. Do not skip on reading the details off the box just because you saw that it has a “smart” function. If you are in doubt, do your research. Manufacturers would usually publish product specifications; all you have to do is read. You can also go online to get a more thorough understanding of it. For others, simply ask a knowledgeable sales associate assigned to the product.

5. Cybersecurity Threat?
Here are Advises from the Cybersecurity Professionals

Smart devices that make up your smart home are connected to the IoT or Internet of Things. With this accessibility to information and connection to the internet, also comes the threat of cyber-attacks. There have been multiple instances of breach and compromise in houses that resulted from this. Therefore, cyber security is a must for every tech-bound home. The focus should not just be about having a smart home but rather on achieving a safe and secure smart home.

To start, make sure to change the passwords and access information as soon as you get your devices. Remove or change manufacturer’s log-in information as this is the most common way to get through your system. Enable a two-factor authentication system, if applicable. Ensuring that the software for your devices and apps are up to date is also very helpful. As tempting as it is to use your name or anything related to your devices or network name, it would be best to use something generic. You can also create a network for “guests” or other members of your household separate from an admin/owner network. Limit the other account’s access to non-sensitive data and keep the most important ones accessible only to you or the heads of the household. Lastly, review your settings. Check for unauthorized folders, disable sharing feature (or require to ask permission) and enable notification for unauthorized or failed attempts to log-in.

6. Bugs in Apps?
Managed IT Support Company Offers the Following Fixes

If you notice repetitive problems with your devices and there seems to be no issues with the devices themselves, try looking into your app. This could be a bug. Fortunately, most bugs can be swatted with simple tricks. First, refresh the connection. Simply log out and then log back in. However, if the issue continues, you can uninstall the app altogether and then reinstall it. Make sure to get the latest version. If not, make sure to install updates. Regular updates get rid of bugs and improve overall performance of the app.

Managed IT Support Company

Managed IT Support Company

7. Malfunctioning Automation?
You might want to try the following tricks by
Managed IT Support Company

Automation can be tricky. Some users can get frustrated when the automation feature of their smart home does not work as they expect. Understandably so, of course. To mitigate this, it would be best to recheck the automatic rules set. Go through the system, see which features you like to apply and what rules it should follow. After which, test them one by one. This will allow you to know if you got your desired outcome or if there is a need to fine tune your triggers.

8. Range Issues?
Managed IT Support Company Have these Solutions for You

Smart home devices are limited to some extent. One of the most common issues is range limits. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s user manual to get to know this. You may need to place the device closer to your router for the best results. In cases where the house is too big, or the walls may be too thick, you can invest in signal boosters or repeaters. This will extend the router’s signal reach, making it more accessible to more smart devices.

9. Weird and Ghost-like Activities?
Managed IT Support Says There is No Need to be Scared

Random flickering lights, weird noises, devices waking up without cue words? Nope, it is not a ghost, and your devices are not haunted. These are caused by a lot of factors that you can actually do something about. It may be due to accidental voice commands, sensor issues, forgotten automation schedules or, worse case scenario, hacked. Better investigate and fix them rather than running away.

Do an audit of your automation. Check which features you need and like to keep and then disable everything else. Observe around you for any unintended voice commands. This may be from sources often overlooked like your TV or audio devices. If hacking is suspected, change passwords. You can also check for things like random additions to your settings. This can be a new file folder or automation rules. You can also get in touch with your trusted cybersecurity professionals. They can accurately check for possible breaches and recommend added security solutions to keep your smart home safe.

Managed IT Support Company

Managed IT Support Company

10. Overcomplicated and Overwhelming?
Managed IT Support Company Will Take of It for You

Is setting up and maintaining your smart home system becoming more complicated and overwhelming than you expected? This is totally understandable. Not everyone speaks computers, so this can take a lot of getting used to. But this does not mean you have to suffer through it. You can consult user manuals, read manufacturer’s websites and watch tutorial videos online. This would help you better understand your devices and your home system. If you are in a time crunch or simply do not want to deal with setting up, troubleshooting and maintaining yourself, you can always hire professional IT (Information Technology) service providers to help you out.

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