Kaspersky recently reported that there is a 700% increase in the number of infections from data-stealing Malware. The rapid increase in malware cases can be attributed to three main factors. These are increased demand, increased efficiency in data-stealing technology and user complacence from lack of IT support, especially in businesses in New York.

First, there is a demand on the dark web for stolen data. For as long as there are people willing to buy stolen information at a good price, threat actors would be more than willing to provide them with such. It has become a commodity for a specific group of customers who then use this data in various ways.

And second, the technology used by cyber criminals to spread data-stealing malware has become more efficient. Technology such as botnets, for example, makes stealing these data easier for hackers, also known as bot herders in this case. As these botnets do the repetitive actions needed for an attack, threat actors get more things done in a shorter amount of time.

Lastly, complacency in applying cybersecurity protocols and lack of IT support, New York businesses included. As the pandemic hits, the focus has been on how to continue the business process. In response to this, the adaptation of remote and hybrid work set-up has become a norm that has extended even after post-pandemic times. With these changes, opportunities for the distribution of malware also opened up.

IT support concord

IT support concord

Keep Your Business Safe with IT Support New York

Businesses and individuals can protect themselves by staff training and education and adhering to strict cybersecurity protocols. Getting in touch with your professional IT support New York will give your business the best advantage. Some of the things that can be done are: 


Staff training and education

Knowledge on what the threats are and what can be done against them is the first step in combating cyber criminals. Educating yourself and your team to be vigilant and cross-check irregularities in emails, apps and software does wonders in preventing these malwares. If anything does not seem right, they should know what to do and where to report. Similarly, they must know what the cybersecurity protocols are and how important they are in the effort against malware attacks. These protocols must be applied, regardless of location, whether working remotely or in-office. Along with this, they should know who they can call from their IT support New York group.


Cybersecurity protocols

This uses multiple layers of protection in order to prevent these threats. Your IT support New York can help you set this up. Some of these includes:

  • Adopting a Zero-trust system. This assumes every device or connection is a threat, until proven otherwise. It includes the use or combined use of password management, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFAs), among others.
  • It is also important to make sure anti-virus and malware software are updated with the latest versions (with patches for identified loopholes) and firewalls.
  • Consider using VPNs or Virtual Private Networks. This allows secure network access for remote workers. This works by masking your network’s IP address and disguises your online activities from possible onlookers. Thereby making it difficult to track and infiltrate. It also encrypts data, which means even if someone gets hold of the data in your system, they acquire a series of characters instead of words and therefore would not make sense.

Consult IT Support, New York Professionals

Get in touch with your trusted IT support New York and cybersecurity professionals for a customized cybersecurity protocol. They can check your system for vulnerabilities and will tell you what can be done about them.



These data-stealing malwares are a real threat. The increased rate at which they infect devices and networks is alarming. However, rather than succumbing to the pressure that these numbers bring. It would be best to be proactive.

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