IoT or Internet of Things is the term that refers to smart devices, appliances and machines that are connected to the internet. Because of this connection, the device are able to function better as they can communicate and be controlled through the web. It is currently changing the landscape of business operations. Examples of these in the business setting include production lines with smart sensors as well as temperature-controlled appliances that are optimized to decrease energy use. By getting managed IT services New York, business executives get to focus on achieving business goals while transitioning to a smart operation system rather than spend time and effort doing it themselves.    

According to statistics, the number of smart devices connected to the internet is expected to grow to 29 billion by the year 2030. However, integration of IoT into the current operating system for any business is not easy. That is why it is best to seek help from professionals who can help you through this process. Therefore, careful planning and execution are needed for this integration to be successful. Below are the steps that can be taken to achieve this. 

Managed IT Services Concord

Managed IT Services Concord

First: Identify the Problem and Set Goals 

Streamline your thoughts regarding this by answering and doing the following:

What are the problems in the current system?

This may include things that you want to improve on. Is it the current output? Or power consumption? Maybe you have a lot more human intervention in production than you want to? Looking at monitoring your team while off-site? Is the inventory system efficient? Do you have a lot of off-season items in the inventory?

It is important to know what you want to fix so that you can determine the best tools and strategies to use.

Gather data about the problem or areas for improvement. 

Make sure you have tangible and measurable information on hand. This will be your baseline. It is the starting point at which you measure whether the IoT devices are working as intended or if there is a need to adjust.  

Set your target. 

The target must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound (S.M.A.R.T.) Later on, this target can be adjusted depending on initial results. Therefore, you must ensure you collect data as you go to compare it to your baseline. This is your means to check if the goal was achieved.

If your problem is the production output, then make sure to set a % increase for a certain product in the next number of months. It must take into account the raw materials needed and their availability.  

Security and access to information.

This additional step in goal setting is key when we deal with IoT. You must pay attention to the security of information. Only provide access to your staff on a need-to-know basis. Additionally, sensitive data must have added security features. Get your cybersecurity and managed IT services concord team to do this for you.

Second: Choose Your Device and Network System, Seek Help from Managed IT Services Professionals in New York

Now that you know what you want to achieve, it is time to work on “how” to achieve it. This will include what device and network system that can be best used.  

Smart (IoT) devices 

Check if your device can be adjusted to become a smart device to decrease cost or if new purchase must be made. Whether you need more appliances, machines, apps, etc., you must consider different factors. This may include cost, power requirement, scalability, security features and compatibility with your current infrastructure.

Research and review reputable vendors. Take time to discuss with them your needs and concerns. Security is an important consideration, so make sure to discuss firmware protection as well.  

Network System Audit by Managed IT Services from New York

Here is where your managed IT services New York provider works on their elbow grease. Get them to audit your existing network. This is to check if it can accommodate the IoT that will be integrated. If not, check for the best packages to upgrade bandwidth to withstand additional traffic and data from IoT devices. This may include the possible addition of a dedicated network for the IoT only with its own gateway. Check with your managed IT services provider for the most cost-effective way to get your network ready for the changes.

Managed IT Services Concord

Managed IT Services Concord

Third: Security, Security, Security! 

Anything connected to the internet is open to attacks by cybercriminals. As much as IoT brings a lot of convenience, this threat that comes with it must not be ignored. Hence, the need to implement a tight cybersecurity protocol cannot be stressed enough. From 2020 to 2023 alone, there has been an increase in the number of data-stealing malware attacks by up to 700%. Therefore, getting a managed IT services New York provider who is also adept in cybersecurity is essential to make the deployment successful and safe. The focus of cybersecurity should be all throughout the process from planning to implementation. 

Device and Network Security 

Make sure that all IoT devices have strong passwords. Default login credentials must be changed as soon as installed. Similarly, the latest firmware should be regularly updated as soon as available. Check with your managed IT services New York provider for the possibility of adding features like encryption and secure boot. 

For network security, it would be best to have a dedicated network for IoT devices. Separate this from the critical business system. So that in case of breach, the core operations will unlikely be touched.  

NAC Solutions, as Recommended by your Managed IT Services Professionals

NAC or Network Access Control solutions should be in place. An example of this would be multi-factor authentication or MFA. This basically allows only authorized devices to get through the network. Likewise, security policies are enforced by default.  

Monitor and Update Assisted by Managed IT Services Professional

Majority of the time spent in cybersecurity would be the monitoring of network activity. This means familiarizing yourself with the trend and normal rise and fall of traffic. It also means that you should be able to detect irregularities and suspicious occurrences as they come. Routinely updating software and security measures are also necessary to be proactive against cybersecurity threats. Get your managed IT services New York professionals to work on this so you can focus on the more important tasks.

Lastly: Deploy, Manage and Adjust

So, the target is set, the network and devices are set, and security protocols are placed. The next step is, of course, to launch the IoT devices.  


There are key things to remember during this stage. This includes carefully following the manufacturer’s manual on installation and configuration. The IoT devices must also be tested to a sample population or product and confirm that it is working as intended. Do not fully deploy your IoT without testing. This would result in more damage or containment measures if something is not right or there needs to be some adjustments to be made. Finally, ensure that you and your team have a standard operating procedure or internal manual for your IoT. Aside from the instructions on how to operate and  maintain it, it must also include a regular maintenance schedule and updates on firmware.


Because IoT’s are learning devices, it is expected to evolve in functions and responses over time. As such, management of these devices must also be dynamic and responsive to the changes. Similarly, once the initial goal is achieved, the benchmark must be topped up for continuous improvement.

Adjust to Improve 

To quantify the results coming from the use of IoT devices, we have to go back to data collection. You have to get the data you have post-deployment of your smart devices and compare it to those you have during goal setting. As a result, this will give you information to maintain or fine-tune your game plan. In line with this, you should also listen to the feedback from credible people within your company as well as customers. It will show you areas of improvement that you might have missed during the rigorous process.  

Managed IT Services Concord

Managed IT Services Concord

Be Up to Date and Get Professional Help from Managed IT Services

Make sure to always keep an eye out for emerging technologies. The IoT landscape is dynamic and adapting to these advancements is key to staying ahead in your industry. However, should these changes be too complicated for you, sought advice from your trustworthy managed IT services New York provider.

We can help you unlock the full potential of smart devices for your company.

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