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An Overview of the New Fortinet Security Solutions

Fortinet has announced a number of developments in its security portfolio. The multinational cybersecurity provider unveiled an advanced version of FortiTrust security service. It’s a new user-based licensing structure for FortiGuard and FortiCare service offerings. Also, they introduced FortiGate 3500F, the first High-Performance Next-Generation Firewall with Integrated Zero Trust Network Access and Ransomware Protection.

So what do these offerings entail? And how does it benefit your organization? This comprehensive blog post has all the facts regarding the new Fortinet security solutions.

FortiGate Firewalls By Fortinet

The FortiGate 1800F NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall) runs on NP7, the organization’s seventh-generation network processor. It enables ultimate internal segmentation alongside unprecedented performance, scale, enforcement, and detection capabilities.

FortiGate offers the industry’s highest security compute rating, being 6-times faster compared to competitors. It also supports TLS1.3 – to detect attacks, like ZEUS, Trickbot, Dridex, and protects organizations from network, application, and file-based attacks and many other sophisticated threats.

Flat Networks Are No Longer Viable

Digital innovation continues to change how enterprises operate. Delivering new business opportunities and services as well as increasing risk across all sectors. The ever-increasing speed of technology development lead to the adoption of mobile apps, IoT, and cloud services. Thus pushing the attack surface beyond conventional network boundaries. The expanded and fragmented attack surface hinders security leaders’ efforts to maintain network security, availability, reliability, and performance.

Most of today’s data centers architectures’ are built on high-performance switching and routing systems without security integrations. In such environments, networks are flatter to achieve better agility and flexibility. Therefore, in such networks, internal security is mostly basic and limited to Layer 4 access lists and VLANs.

So if security gets breached beyond the security perimeter, bad actors can freely navigate and access data, credentials, and resources. Furthermore, having inadequate security infrastructure limits your visibility into suspicious traffic and data flows and hinders breach detection.

Internal Segmentation Involves Outstanding Performance

Organizations that want to segment their network face a new challenge: security performance. Increasing performance demands often lead to security gaps, which makes it easy for attackers to enter the system.

Most companies use traditional off-the-shelf hardware and CPUs to process security traffic. Turns out that this is a bottleneck that leads to degraded performance and user experience.

Fortinet has introduced the FortiGate 1800F to facilitate a security-driven Networking approach as a reaction to the increasing demand from data centers.

Application and Benefits of FortiGate 1800F
1800F is designed for established organizations to securely and quickly achieve digital innovation through its capabilities to meet the performance and capacity demands of critical operations like:

  • Accelerated cloud on-ramp – Companies that use multiple clouds for SaaS and IaaS services require high-performing IPsec encryption for accelerated cloud on-ramp. The advanced firewall delivers the topmost Security Compute Rating (14 times) for IPsec encryption, delivering the required speed, availability, and scale for cloud on-ramping.
  • Internal security risk management – Most firewalls are too slow for internal segmentation. FortiGate 1800F offers advanced protection and several high-speed 40G interfaces for proper internal segmentation of networks and internal security risk management. Even more, it intelligently adapts to segmented applications, devices, and users in any location.
  • Removed blind spots – More than half of all encrypted traffic contains malware, so SSL inspection performance is critical for proper security. FortiGate delivers the highest performance with a 6-times Security Compute Rating and supports the latest TLS 1.3 standard. These enable complete visibility into encrypted network flows to eliminate blind spots.


The digital attack surface is constantly expanding, creating billions of edges for cyber attacks. Organizations with multiple services and various security solutions usually struggle the most. A constantly growing amount of services and solutions has become too expensive and difficult to manage for many. Thus, security solutions with integrated offerings grow more popular.

The introduction of FortiTrust has redefined security services. As a unified offering, it comes with a user-based licensing approach that delivers flexible consumption across clouds, endpoints, and networks. FortiTrust Access allows organizations to deliver application access control whether or not the user is connected to the network. Further, the application being accessed can be located anywhere: a private cloud, a public cloud, or a data center,

This new service is ideal for users with specific use cases, who find it cheaper and simpler to acquire user-based licensing of support and security services.

How FortiTrust Redefines the Future of Security Services
The new offering has the following benefits:

  • Simplified migration and upgrades
  • Straightforward security service implementation, enabling a seamless transition between cloud-delivered and on-premise security for hybrid infrastructures.
  • Single license for all the possible use cases throughout the security fabric.
  • Flexible user-based licensing eliminates the need to track bandwidth consumption and device counts, simplifying the calculation of total costs through built-in volume discounts.

FortiTrust Identity and FortiTrust Access 

FortiTrust’s services portfolio comprises FortiTrust Identity and FortiTrust Access.

FortiTrust Access

This offering enables the deployment of zero-trust network access(ZTNA) through user-based licensing. The zero-trust model helps maintain consistent control, visibility, and protection across highly distributed hybrid networks.

FortiTrust Access provides zero trust services like the agent and cloud orchestration to reinforce the company’s zero-trust solutions that identify and categorize devices and users that wish to access an application or network.

FortiTrust Identity

This service level provides a cloud-based multi-factor authentication for identity verification. It is natively integrated with the Fortinet Security Fabric to deliver a rich set of security controls and centralized management of user authentications.

Fortinet Support For Businesses In New York

Fortinet strives to create a world of trusted communications by focusing on the protection of data, devices, applications, and users whether they’re at home or at work. That’s why leading service providers, government agencies, and enterprises rely on Fortinet’s security solutions. The security fabric platform offers integrated, automated, protection throughout your whole digital attack surface.

Fortinet solutions are available through partners, but only a few of these can match EB Solution’s reputation of helping businesses get the most from the numerous security capabilities. As your trusted IT partner, we’ll help you accelerate your digital transformation.

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