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Spearheading the AI (Artificial Intelligence) revolution, Microsoft is continuously releasing software and updates to keep the lead in this technological rush. It is therefore not a surprise that the company launched multiple features and hardware during its March Surface and Windows AI event. As such, a managed IT services provider checks this out.

Themed as “Advancing the new era of work with Copilot,” the affair showcased Microsoft’s AI solutions tailored for enterprise clientele. Another event called Microsoft Build, scheduled in May, is the go-to event for general consumers and other managed IT services providers. This includes consumers in Canada and the US. In the meantime, let’s delve into the highlights from the Surface event.  

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

1. Microsoft 365 Copilot is now on Windows

Leading the AI news in the event is the Microsoft Copilot. However, this breakthrough product has been taken to another level as it is now available to Windows and not just in 365. This is perfect for the working professionals who can now be AI-assisted by simply selecting the “Work” option. The function allows seamless access to Copilot assistance across the suite of Microsoft 365 applications. This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Now, crafting presentations and refining spreadsheet data, among others, have become more efficient 

2. New Copilot accessibility features in Windows 11

Another recent release, is the Copilot accessibility in Windows 11. In line with this, users can now ask Copilot to activate narrator and screen magnifier, adjust text size, or initiate live captions. This thereby empowers users to customize their device for ease of accessibility and increase efficiency of use. 

3. The first AI-powered Surface PCs for business

Microsoft has finally released the new models of Surface Pro and Surface Laptop 5. Launched a couple of years ago as Surface Pro 9 or Surface Laptop5, this year’s models are the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6. As expected, these new models are now equipped with upgraded processors. Engineered to bolster AI and productivity tasks, it includes the new Intel Core Ultra series featuring a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU). The design remains familiar, but the internal enhancements and new Intel Core Ultra (5 or 7) processor promise improved performance and battery efficiency, particularly for AI-driven workloads. 

4. Windows 365 GPU support  

Although not AI-centric, Windows 365 GPU support offers significant benefits for tasks intertwined with AI. This feature empowers users with access to GPU-enhanced cloud PCs. Similarly, it also allows for enhanced graphics performance. This is very important in demanding tasks like graphic design and image/video editing. With Windows 365 GPU support, it solves a longstanding customer need for GPU capabilities in a Software-as-a-Service model. 

5. Debut of the Copilot Key on Microsoft Devices

In line with the AI-centric theme, both the new Surface devices and the latest Surface Pro Keyboard have a dedicated Copilot key. This key allows direct access to AI assistance, making for streamlined user interactions. Now, Copilot can already be accessed even by users without the latest hardware via the Copilot icon on the Windows 11 taskbar. This ensures more people can now become AI-assisted. 

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With Microsoft’s Surface and Windows AI event, it shows that the company is committed to innovation and leadership in the AI space. The new range of AI features and hardware enhancements were created to increase productivity, accessibility, and performance.  

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