This year, 2024, the need to pump-up your business’ defenses against cybersecurity threats has become bigger than ever. This is especially true with that of the AI systems. Good cyber security services providers are particularly on the lookout for this considering that a study shows over three-quarters (¾) of businesses have faced AI security breaches.  

The advancement in AI technology has grown tremendously over the years, peaking this year. With this, numerous facets in business operations have become easier to navigate through. Platforms like ChatGPT, for example, have created quick solutions to needs such as content creation and coding. Despite this though, cyber security service providers caution against the potential catastrophe from breaches. 

The Rising Threat of AI Security Breaches 

Cyber security services provider warns business owners 

The severity of these AI threats has become more tangible through the findings published in the AI Threat Landscape Report 2024. This study done by HiddenLayer, highlights that a staggering 77% of businesses respondents admitted having had security breaches. These incidents happened within their AI systems over the past year. As a result of this, there is now a pressing need for increased vigilance in safeguarding these systems. 

As a result, many IT leaders are already investing in cyber security services and systems. What is frustrating however, is that despite the funds and prioritization, impregnability is not guaranteed. Even among business owners only 61% are confident that the allocated budget is enough to thwart potential hackers. This therefore leads to an important gap between intent and efficacy.


Cyber security services

Cyber security services

Due to this uncertainty, the question whether AI is safe remains.  

According to Chris “Tito” Sestito, the founder and CEO of HiddenLayer, vulnerability is inherent in AI technology. Further explaining that, susceptibility is at the code level all the way towards training, development, and post-deployment phases. The cybersecurity threat landscape is expansive. Furthermore, the large amounts of data manipulated by AI systems makes a sweeter target for these threat actors. These cybercriminals recognize the potential windfall awaiting those who breach these defenses. Despite this though, there is room for improvement.  

Safeguard Your AI Systems 

Cyber security service providers can help 

Shockingly, while AI is not being used in many businesses across different industries, very few use it as a tool for cybersecurity. In a study by a tech media company, less than 20% of businesses deploy AI to fortify their cybersecurity systems.  

Luckily, there are other ways to bolster your company’s defenses. To start, create a strong partnership with a cyber security services provider. Next, have a team to constantly scan and audit your AI models deployed within the organization as a proactive measure. This step allows you to spot and eliminate breaches quickly. In line with this, it is also important to understand the origin of your AI model. This will help you address potential issues that can present themselves in the future. 

Essentially, it must be remembered that AI is another technological tool in your system. As such, fortifying defenses against AI security breaches needs close attention and investment to safeguard its integrity and resilience. The repercussions would be very high, otherwise.  

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