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IT Partner Agreement

We : EB Solution - Custom IT Solutions

are engaging you : ,

located at: .

to provide Technical services as described in SOW / Work Order provided to you by EB Solution. 

From time to time, we may assist you and your Clients in the same way. Of course, it’s a little more complex than that and there are a few more areas we need to cover, so let’s get down to the Finer Details.


To start off with, both of the people executing this Agreement by signing below warrant that they have been duly authorized by their respective Company to execute this Agreement.


For any terms that exist in both Agreements, the terms in this Agreement will override.

Both parties agree that if any of their respective Employees, Contractors or Agents attends one of the other parties Clients premises, they will wear either the originating parties branded uniform (if provided) or professional business attire with no branding.
If there is a situation where this might not be possible, such as in an emergency, each party will let the other party know before attending the premises to confirm whether they are happy with the visit still going ahead or not.


Both parties agree to Invoice each other within 30 days of any Client visit so that each party can invoice their respective clients in a timely manner.


It is in the best interests of each party to make sure that they provide each other with all of the information necessary and required to ensure a successful completion of a service order / work request / SOW.


Both parties agree that each of them would gain substantial benefit if either party were to directly work with any Client, Employee, Contractor or Agent engaged by the other party.
Therefore, both parties will not, without the prior written consent of the other party, engage with any of the other parties Clients, Employees, Contractors or Agents directly and indirectly during the term of this Agreement and for a period of five (5) years following expiration of this Agreement.
Should either of the parties be approached by any of the other parties Clients, Employees, Contractors or Agents to request any work to be performed or Offer any Services that hasn’t been approved by the original party, then each party must refuse the request and inform the other party within 2 business days.


Both parties agree to maintain, at their own expense, commercial Public and Professional Liability Insurance at a minimum of $2 million dollars.
Each party agrees to send the other a copy of their Certificate of Currency along with this signed Agreement.
Each party also agrees to maintain at their own expense all other Insurances required to protect themselves, their team, their contractors and their agents including but not limited to Personal Injury Insurances, Worker's Compensation Insurances, Automobile Liability Insurances and Goods in Transit Insurances.
Each party agrees that any Insurance claims that may arise out of any work performed under this agreement will be dealt with under their own Insurance Policies and agree to not make any claim against the other parties Insurance Policy.


During the course of this Agreement, both parties may learn from each or be privy to certain non-public confidential information about the other parties own Business, their Clients Business, their Employees, their Contractors, their Agents and other confidential company related matters.
Both parties agree to regard all such information they might receive as confidential and shall treat it as such.


Both parties agree that they will maintain separate Agreements with all of their Partners, Employees, Contractors and Agents that protect all the rights and inclusions covered within this Agreement


Both parties agree that should they wish to terminate this agreement, they will need to provide the other party with 90 days written notice.
Upon Termination, all sections related to non-solicitation and confidential information survive this agreement for a minimum of five (5) years.


In the presence of the following witnesses, both the parties listed below agree on behalf of their respective Companies, Employees, Contractors and Agents to abide by all the Terms as outlined in this Agreement.

For EB Solution.

Full Name: Dmitry Topash

Title: IT Manager



For Partner.

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