Managed IT services firm explains why your new tech is costing money

Just like having a new toy, deploying a new tech for your business is always exciting. For each addition to your company’s tech arsenal comes the promise of increased efficiency, productivity and decreased workload for your staff. Theoretically speaking, all of those are correct. However, managed IT services firm warns about the lack of adequate knowledge and training of your staff may be counterproductive instead.

Most often than not, the joy of getting something new leads to the neglect of staff training and management adjustment. This unfortunate misstep, however, not only renders the new tech incapacitated. According to a managed IT services firm, this also leads to direct financial loss for your business. It is because when employees do not know how to use the tools they are provided with, it decreases their productivity while increasing the likelihood of mistakes which leads to low morale and happiness.   

IT managed services: New Tech? Train Your Staff!

IT managed services: New Tech? Train Your Staff!

Inadequate Staff Training Will Hurt Your Business, says Managed IT Services Firm

Change is always messy at the start. Therefore, the cause of the mess must be addressed ahead of time to take advantage of the changes implemented. Below are some challenges and possible solutions so you can have seamless transitions whenever you deploy a new technology in your company. 

Staff Resistance to Changes 

It is expected that with the introduction of a new system, there will be some sort of resistance from your staff. This is inevitable considering that change is usually a scary thing. It creates a negative working atmosphere leading to your staff’s frustration. However, you as the business owner or executive can help decrease this by making your staff understand what issues you are trying to solve using the new tech. 

Decreased Productivity 

Having a tech that you know nothing about only leads to time-consuming tinkering around. Instead of your employees playing the guessing game of “what does this button do?”, it is better to conduct proper training instead. Allow them to experience the new tech and listen to their concerns about using it.  

Increased Errors 

Untrained staff that are left behind to fend for themselves creates a confusing and frustrating environment. Hence, errors are bound to happen. This can come at a huge cost, not just financially but also for the company’s reputation and reliability. These errors can also lead to bad customer service and damage customer relations. 

Managed IT Services Firm Can Help You Navigate the Change

Changes disrupt the workflow and what your team is already used to doing. Failing to manage the change can fuel the dissatisfaction of your staff. It is, therefore, imperative for your company to investigate the human aspect of these changes 

This managed IT services company stresses the importance of involving your team in the process, before deployment of the new tech. The goals that your business aims to achieve by using technology must be well communicated with them. This is so they know that that the change is for  the improvement of the company. By providing them with sufficient training and adjusting according to user feedback, they would also be equipped with how to use the tech to decrease their workload and increase their efficiency and effectiveness. With an environment that allows them to be included in the process of change, your team would be more efficient and will be open to any upgrades in the future 

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Technology can do wonders for your business. However, it will only be as good as its users. We can assist your business solve both. We can recommend the best tools for you and guide you all the way to deployment and even maintenance. Similarly, we can train your staff on how to maximize the tech installed. Making sure that both tech and users are seamlessly integrated is always our goal. Schedule your consultation with us today and we will create a plan tailor-made for your needs. 

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